7_Jabar-Kinsella_Future Mothers_Alhan Event

TENT ・ November 2014

The first Future Mothers project was launched at the Institute of Contemporary Art at MECA in Portland, Maine. The installation took the form of a tent and was designed as both object and space of experience. The Bedouin tents that populate the desert regions of the Middle East inspire the assembled form. The tent is imagined as a nomadic, temporary space, made to interrupt the white cube of the gallery. The interior of the tent is a contemplative space designed for reflection and dialog. The interior and exterior of the tent are densely covered with elaborate and various combinations of imagery from the artists shared lexicon. The images are printed directly onto the fabric panels and other imagery is composed of printed and cut paper forms. Images and forms, including books and totems, are constructed, attached, suspended, and stacked in various dimensional combinations inside and outside the tent.



The Future Mothers lexicon serves as a visual dictionary for their various projects. Their research and image bank are drawn from personal roots as well as historical and cultural sources with specific emphasis on current events in the Middle East, including Syria and Gaza. The images and forms challenge cultural paradigms by merging aesthetics and ideas from the east and west.




The Future Mothers project is also inherently educational in scope and seeks to bring individuals together for critical conversations and creative projects that focus on pressing social-political issues. The tent project was realized in collaboration with students, colleagues, and community members. The long term goal is to build on this model and expand the dynamic collaborations with educational communities, teachers and community leaders on curriculum and programming.


Print Editions


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