Image Traffic Invitational

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ImageTraffic invite

We have launched a new project called Image Traffic. The primary goal of Image Traffic is to bring more artists into the collective vision and practice of the Future Mothers project. From the beginning, Future Mothers has fostered collaborative participation and created space and vehicles for co-making and critical dialog. This new project is another platform to advance these goals and include new voices in our work.

Additionally this project will expand our image lexicon. The Future Mothers lexicon is a visual dictionary that we use for our  various projects. The lexicon includes a large inventory of our drawings, patterns and graphic motifs. Our research and image bank are drawn from personal roots as well as historical and cultural sources. Our first Future Mothers piece: Tent, Totem, Text placed specific emphasis on the war torn Middle East, including AP photos from Syria and Gaza as our source material.

What We Asked

We have sent a group of artists and friends a few of our lexicon images and descriptions,  including current event photos from the Associated Press. Select one or more of these images and  reinterpret /recombine the image(s) into a new visual narrative. The images can be manipulated, distorted, embellished-we encourage you to experiment freely with the images and process.  This is the same process we used  to generate images for the Future Mothers tent.

We have included examples from our past projects.

The final pieces from the artists who participate will be drawing, print, collage, photograph, textile, or mixed media, as long as it can be scanned and emailed. In addition to your finished art work we are asking for a title and brief statement about your piece.  The finished images will become a part of the Future Mothers lexicon and be published on our website and in our zine FUTURE MAG.

Syrian Kurds Battle IS To Retain Control Of Kobani

Syrian Kurds Battle IS To Retain Control Of KobaniA general view shows damage at a base of the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, that was targeted by what activists said were U.S.-led air strikes in Reef al-Mohandeseen al-Thani in Aleppowomen fighters

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