Why We Do This Work

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The idea for Future Mothers arose out of our shared concerns as artists, women, and mothers. For over twelve years we have worked side by side in the printmaking studio and the classroom. Our conversations about our lives, work, and students is always anchored in our strong sense of equity and social justice, shaped by feminist values and the belief in art as a force for social change. We continually challenge ourselves, each other, our colleagues and students with provocative and difficult questions that confront our assumptions and push against oppressive boundaries of race, class and gender. Understanding the power and critical importance of these questions, we also recognize a profound need for spaces of interaction that allow individuals to come together for honest, radical dialog across difference. Our concerns as artists have drifted away from the art world towards the creation of a more inclusive feminist woman space where we can engage with individuals in critical conversations about the worlds most pressing concerns. As we live out our fragmented daily lives in a world so full of urgent emails to answer, work to be completed, deadlines to meet, perhaps the most urgent need at hand is to engage with others in authentic, challenging and solidarity building dialog.

Welcome to the Future Mothers Tent, please come in. We have a question for you.